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Why Us?

Dedicated Team

  • Provides dedicated team for each site

  • Will enable turnarounds, customized design, engineering, reporting and safety compliance

Complete Project Management

• End-to-end solutions starting from customer identification, PPA negotiation to closure, design, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning, regulatory approvals

• Also provides O&M services including drone-based maintenance, panel coating to increase efficiency


  • 10+ years of experience with 400+ rooftops successfully commissioned

  • Cumulative solar installed capacity 15+ MWp with cumulative experience of team of 60+ years

  • Experience working on various metal PEB sheds, RCC roofs and car-port installations

  • Pivoted from smaller, subsidy-driven, residential solar installations to larger, market-driven, solar installations for commercial and industrial customers since 2016

Self Invest

•PAER is self-funded by the family and senior team members

•PAER also invests in its own OPEX projects via SPV for C&I assets

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